How do I book an appointment at Abersychan Surgery?

There are many conditions that do not require a GP appointment. Please check out our Pharmacy, Physiotherapy & Eye Conditions pages before contacting the surgery, it could save you time.

Call to book - 01495 772239

Consultations are by appointment and can be booked in person at reception, over the telephone or online via the link at the top of this page.

We reserve the majority of appointments for urgent problems, and at least 25% of our routine pre-bookable appointments with the practice nurse, phlebotomist (bloods) and GP are now available for you to book online via NHS Wales App

Repeat prescriptions can also be ordered via NHS Wales App

Care Navigation

The time you have to wait depends on your type of problem and the urgency. If you are unsure of the options available to you, please allow our reception staff to help you find the most appropriate clinician (this may not always be a doctor or nurse).

Types of problem

● Emergency

 – (eg recent injuries, chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal
pain etc) Attend the Emergency Department or Minor Injury Unit not the GP Surgery.

● Urgent 

– problems which need to be addressed usually within 24 hours (eg
worsening infections, unwell children). Urgent problems can not wait for your usual or favourite clinician to become available. Many of our urgent appointments need to be triaged (prioritised for urgency) via a GP or nurse phone call first. Many of these can be dealt with by phone.

● Routine 

– problems which are unlikely to quickly worsen and can be dealt with over
the next few days and weeks (eg arthritis pains, stable mental health problems, fit
notes for work, medication reviews and queries, chronic disease reviews etc).
Continuity with the same clinician may be helpful but not always necessary. Welsh
Government suggest routine appointments should be provided within 2-6 weeks.

Appointment types


  • Practice Nurse and Advanced Nurse Practitioner- many problems including minor illness, suspected urine infections, coughs, skin infections, contraception checks,chronic disease reviews (eg asthma, COPD and diabetes), complex dressings.
  • Healthcare Support Worker- B12 injections, ECGs, simple dressings.
  • Phlebotomist- blood tests (only if this has already been ordered by GP/nurse), blood pressure check, weight/BMI, tests in preparation for your medication review with GP
  • Telephone appointment with GP- these are available every day (lunchtime) for many routine problems which do not need a physical examination. If you need to be seen face to face the GP will arrange a suitable appointment. A good option if you feel the problem can only be dealt with by your usual GP.
  • GP face to face appointment- reserved for the most complex problems and those which are likely to need an examination.