Practice Boundary

Southern Boundary Area

Since 2010 we no longer accept new patients living South of the Top Tesco Roundabout, heading towards the  A472 ( Pontypool – Crumlin Road ) or South / East of the A4042 ( Usk Road ) as the road heads North East from the McDonald’s roundabout towards Mamhilad. This includes patients living in New Inn, Lower New Inn, Griffithstown & Sebastopol.

Our current patients who live in these areas WILL NOT be affected until they leave their current address (even if that move is still within our old boundary area).

If a baby is born into a family who are our current patients (and living at the same address), we will still be happy to register them. However, if there is a new patient being added to that address, or even a Temporary Visitor living at that address, we will no longer be able to accept them on to our Practice List. These patients should look for a GP Surgery within that area, whose list is open to taking on such patients.

Northern Boundary Area

For at least 4 years now, we have had the same changes in place for patients who live North of Cwmavon.


Following discussions with Anuerin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB) and recommendations by the Medical Protection Society (MPS), we have been looking at ways in which we can maintain the level of service we provide to our Practice population. One of the initial recommendations was to review the size of our Practice boundary. Each Practice boundary is set by the individual GP Practice, following discussions with their respective Local Health Boards (in our case, ABUHB), whose role it is to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they live, is covered for access to NHS Primary Care.

As you are probably all aware, there are times when a patient, for appropriate medical reasons, may require a home visit by a GP. At these times, the GP(s) needs to take time away from seeing patients in the surgery, to travel to the home of the patient(s), which can in our case, and depending on traffic etc, can take 10-15mins traveling time from house to house.

One of the MPS recommendations was to reconsider our current boundary size, as it is one of the largest in the Torfaen area. This was discussed at a subsequent Practice Meeting. We then applied for permission from ABUHB who have given us approval to make the following changes, which now date back to 2010.

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