Please be aware that the Surgery will be closed on the following dates:

Friday 14th April 2017 & Monday 17th April 2017

Patients are reminded to ensure they have enough medication for this period. All requests for Repeat medication must be made before we close on Tuesday 11th April 2017. This is due to the timescale to turn around almost 300 requests a day.

We DO NOT accept requests for medication over the phone.

If anyone needs medical attention during the Easter period, you should contact:

Emergency: 999

Out of Hours: 01633 744 285

NHS Direct: 0845 46 47

You can also simply turn up at a Local Chemist and asked to be treated under the Minor Ailment Scheme.

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Please be awre that we have now installed a new telephone system into both our Abersychan & Garndiffaith sites.

We ask that when you call, you listen to all of the options given to you, as you can now (depending on availability) go straight to the member of staff you wish to speak to, instead of behing held up in the Reception queue.

During our busiest period 8am – 8:30am, we now have up to 8 people taking calls and booking appointments. This is due to the fact that we are one of the few surgeries in Wales offering “Same Day” appointments. Please be aware that most surgeries ONLY see Urgent / Emergency cases within the 24hr period, then book Non Emergency appointments anything up to 6 weeks in advance. As it currently stands, we allow people to phone up and book an appointment (sometimes with their favourite GP if available) on the same day. We hope to continue this as this is what, according to patient surveys the majority of our patients want. However, we have nearly 11,000 patients who are all entitled to the same service and this is why our appointments can go very quickly. It is the demand from the patients that mean our appointments go quickly and not the way the appointment system is set up, and certainly not the fault of our Reception Staff.

Our new telephone system has shown that there are times whereby over 30 people are trying to get through at the same time from 8am onwards. The downside from this is that we can now give all available same day appointments away in less than 10 minutes. This is why we ask that unless you are trying to get an appointment, you try to give us a call at a different time of day for Test results / prescription queries etc.

Please appreciate that our staff are trying their hardest to get through the calls as quickly as possible but due to the overwhelming numbers of patients / businesses / Hospitals etc calling at the same time, you may have to sit and wait in a queue to be answered. The Reception staff cannot control how many people are calling at any given time, so please be patient and they will get to you as soon as physically possible.

Abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances and you may be removed from our Practice list. Please speak to our staff in the same manner as you wish to be spoken to.

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All “At Risk” patients should be aware that there is currently a Flu Virus going around the UK, with an increase of Hospital admissions caused by the complications surrounding influenza.

We strongly advise those patients in At Risk groups, to contact the surgery for a Flu vaccine as soon as possible, even if you have declined over the past few months.

For further information, please either speak to our Reception team or book in with one of our Practice Nurses.

Stay Well This Winter

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My Health Online (MHOL)


My Health Online (MHOL) is a new online service brought to you from NHS Wales. MHOL Offers patients the convenience to book appointments using the internet.

Abersychan Group practice also gives the patients the option to Cancel appointments and also order repeat prescriptions.

To protect patient confidentiality, you must provide documents so we can make sure you are who you say you are. This is a requirement from NHS Wales and not the practice.

When you next visit the practice, please pick up the appropriate forms (one for each member of the family), which should be completed and returned to the practice along with identification (preferably Photo ID incl driving licence or passport).

You will be given an activation code, which must be used within 48hrs to activate your account. If you are having issues, you should contact Reception in the first instance. Depending on the problem(s), you may be given another number to contact an IT Engineer within the NHS who will be able to help you out.

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01633 744 285


0845 46 47


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Due to Patient Safety issues, we employ a Prescribing Clerk. This person is the only person in the practice who will be dealing with all aspects of repeat prescriptions apart from our GPs. No other member of staff has the security clearance to deal with such requests.

We strongly advise that you give our prescribing clerk 48hrs notice to enable her to re-issue the prescription via our GP’s. You must ensure that your request is done via the white page of your previous prescription, simply by ticking the boxes of the required items. Failing that, you must put the request in writing. If need be, you can send your request via the post (or posted through our door, or left in the box in Reception) using a Stamped Adressed Evnvelope (SAE) to ensure that we can post the prescription back to you. This will then be sent to our prescribing clerk whose responsibility it is to deal with the request. Under no circumstances can we accept a request over the phone.

If using a chemist to order your prescription, we advise that you give them 5 days notice to ensure the order is ready to collect.

We politely remind patients that it is their own responsibility to ensure they order repeat medication in time before they run out. We ask that you do not take your frustrations out on our staff because of something that you have forgotten.

Prescriptions will be ready for collection after 2pm on the due day (48hrs later).

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With immediate effect, this surgery is no longer a designated Yellow Fever (YF) vaccination centre. This means that although we can still administer travel vaccinations, we are no longer allowed to administer the YF vaccine. Our Practice Nurses can still advise on Travel vaccines but it is now the travellers responsibility to receive the YF vaccine from another vaccine centre.

As the YF vaccine centres can often change, we suggest that you go online to find one in your area. A few contact details are as follows:

Boots (Queen Street Cardiff), 029 2023 1291

MASTA (work with Boots as above) 0330 100 4150

Nomad Clinic (Wharton St, Cardiff) 01341 555 061

Costs of the vaccine(s) will need to be discussed with the individual Centres.

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Our Nurse Triage system works as follows:

Each morning, once all the “Same Day” appointments have been given out, you may be offered a “Telephone Call Back” from our Practice Nurse. You will be asked for a short reason as to what your condition is by our Reception Staff. This is in order for the Nurses to prioritise what could be deemed as more urgent. i.e. If one patient is complaining of chest pains and the other has a skin rash, you will hopefully understand that in this instance, the chest pain may be more important to contact than the skin rash. Please note that you do however still have the right to say that the reason for your call is personal. However this MAY delay the call back from our Nurse.

If our Practice Nurses feel that a Patient should be seen by a GP, she will arrange that on the phone for the same day.

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Making Informed Decisions

Our Clinicians provide their patients with sufficient detail about their Health / Illness to enable them to make informed decisions about their own management.

Our Clinicians will discuss with and involve (where necessary) patients and their Family / Carers where appropriate, in decisions involving their own management.

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Garndiffaith Branch Site “Same Day” Appointments

Following complaints from a number of Garndiffaith based patients, the way to book an appointment at Garndiffaith is as follows:

If you require a Same Day appointment (both morning and afternoon) at our Garndiffaith site, you will need to call (or visit) our Main Abersychan site from 8am where these shall be released on a “First Come, First Served” basis. You can call the Abersychan Surgery on 01495 772 239.

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